The Comprehensive package

The Comprehensive package

The Comprehensive package, usually best suited for students currently enrolled in Grade 11/Year 12, is a blanket consulting program for a limited number of students annually. Designed for the student and family seeking assistance with the entire college planning, selection, and application process, it covers the students from initiation until they receive their college offers. 

Though only open for students applying to US universities, the package covers assistance, if required, with Canada (application essays only) and the UK (Personal Statement only). It includes One-on-one consulting hours for parent(s) and the student and covers interactions blocked on the calendar and email support for queries.

A total of 4 payments made towards the Individual Consults are adjusted against the Comprehensive package invoice, should a student decide to migrate onto it.

As the Intake on the Comprehensive package is limited and the demand relatively high, we have reached full capacity earlier than expected in some years. If of interest, kindly check on availability before initial engagement.

The Comprehensive package covers the following component: 

  • Educational records, Parental Intake, and Profile building advice
  • HAB (optional)
  • Standardized testing strategy (ACT/SAT/AP’s )
  • The College Match – Understanding the philosophy of fit. 
  • The College Search Process – Finding the right fit (LAC, Research Universities, Prof schools) 
  • Creating the Balanced College List
  • Demystifying Applications plans (Understanding the difference between Early Decision. Early Action, and Regular Decision)
  • Making summers count
  • Radar management – Demonstrated Interest 
  • UC App 101
  • Common App 101
  • Essays/Supplementary Essays – Strategy, support, and guidance (ghostwriting service is not provided)
  • UK Personal Statement review
  • Canadian portal cheat sheets (no additional help) and assistance with application essays 
  • Letters of Recommendation templates
  • Interview tips and Communication strategies
  • Deadline setting for applications