No, I specialize in Undergrad admissions primarily for the US-bound student

The UK and Canadian application processes are straightforward and transparent. You don’t need a counselor to help you navigate the landscape; a few hours on the internet are sufficient to figure things out on your own. Having said that, both the Individual and the Comprehensive services can cover a review of the UCAS Personal Statement and the few essays required by Canadian universities

Very Ikea-like, saving money and time both are important. Working on Zoom ensures that no student is stuck in crazy- Dubai- after-school traffic, rushing to the meeting exhausted with a battery depleted laptop, and has to wait for a parent to pick him/her up who is stuck in crazier -Dubai- after-work -traffic… 

The sessions with me are very different from the passive, instructional lessons that students have experienced at school. Always one to one, the meetings are interactive, engaging, and fun, with the student doing most of the talking. The model has proved to be highly productive for admissions counseling.

A student applying to US universities will be required to write anywhere between 0-10 essays per university application. Essay writing is a craft that is needed BEFORE applying to colleges, IN college, and AFTER.  Whilst I discuss the writing strategy of each different essay type with the student, and each essay goes through multiple edits, I don’t write any essays for them as it is wrong and unethical to do so. The student must produce essays written to a satisfactory level

Again wrong and unethical to do so. Moreover, the ability to work independently is a precursor to college success. Please encourage your son/daughter to become independent in their high school years to get the most out of their college experience. 

No. As I am not eyeballing your candidature for something more expensive to be proffered at a later date, all conversations begin with the Individual consult, a professional one-hour consult that is specific to your needs. No information or advice is held back to be discussed later. The session requires academic transcripts and a resume to be provided in advance to maximize a student-focused discussion.